Searching for a great WordPress template?

Are you searching for a great WordPress template?

Being a website designer, and developer. I am always searching for a good starter templet for WordPress websites. I want to share the templet I came across. The template is called kadence. This templet comes from a company called kadencewp. From a developer this one of the BEST starter templets I have come across. As with most WordPress starter templates, kadence comes with free and paid versions. The free version comes fully functional and optimized for SEO. Much to my surprise, I have had to do no bug fixing with this template. With a lot of templates out there I have found that you will need to fix bugs or contact support to get a fix for the template.

Now let’s take a quick look at Kadence theme.

The Kadence theme’s come with a starter package that has text and data bundled with the themes. So when you install them you are able to see in real-time how the theme would look like with real data.

The Kadence theme comes with six different starter themes to choose from. In order to use the starter theme, all you have to do is import the theme, you want to try out.

Now let take a look at the Design back end.

Now if you notice that when you import the theme it creates a child theme for you to begin custom designing. There are a ton of options for you to customize your site. Now if you notice are the bottom of the control panel image you are able to view your site in the different screen sizes on the fly, which is a great option when you are designing your site.

As I have stated earlier that kadencewp also has a pro version available. Now, this is a paid membership that is renewable each year. When you become a member you have access to lots of other useful things. Some of the things are access to more templates and most importantly the Kadence plugins. Yes!! there are plugins that you can use with your templets. I am not going to go into the plugins here I will write an article about the plugins. You also have access to the membership forms and the very useful member tech forms. Which is very active and the kadence developers do answer in a timely matter. So if you get stuck it a great place to find answers to your questions.

So as you can see finding the right templet for your website is very important. I would recommend you take kadencewp for a test run and see how well it performs for you.