Google Apps Services


Our Services here at Network Connected are very unique. We see our selves as your personal guide and technician. When you order Google Apps for Business with Network Connected your company get’s a FREE technical adviser. When your company subscribes to Google Apps for Business we will take you though the entire setup process. Or your business can setup Google Apps for Business on your own and we will help you when needed. However you choose to setup Google Apps for business, Network Connected will always be only an email or phone call away. Google Apps for business is designed to be very easy and seamless install. We will help with moving your all of your business to Google servers.

  • We have different levels of support that your company can contract Network Connected to perform.
  • Total Setup for your business. We will handle all company data migrations. We will setup your company email in a bi-directional configuration so your users wont notice anything different with there email delivery.
  • Partial Setup for your business. We will help your IT department get your business migrated to Google Apps for Business.
  • We will only take care of your licensing for Google Apps for Business.

One of the Best things about Google Apps for Business is this administration can be performed from anywhere. No Need to be at the place of business to set Google Apps up. So now if your company is ready to move to the cloud with Google Apps for Business just contact us so we can show you the way.